What if divesting a pharmaceutical asset were as easy as selling your car?

Pharma products and cars have more in common than you might think… until it comes to selling them.

  • Both require disproportionately high upfront investment
  • This investment is expected to return significant rewards
  • They ultimately go out of fashion, and their appeal falls off
  1. The product is non-core. The company may want to focus on a certain therapeutic area or specialty that the product does not belong to
  2. The product is not as profitable as it once was. A decline in sales after the product came off patent, but a high cost base inherited from its blockbuster days
  3. The product is too complex to manage. Global supply chains, unfamiliar markets, complicated regulatory environments and new quality controls have led to unmanageable complexity and spiraling costs
  1. Continue to manage the products inefficiently, wasting valuable time and resource that could be deployed on value adding activities
  2. Discontinue the products, freeing up the resources and ‘garage space’, but depriving patients of a perfectly good medicine

Divesting pharmaceutical products should be as easy as selling your car.



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